Gym Packages

Gym Packages

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  • Sizes organized by color (every package will fit 5'0 to 6'3)
  • Shipping is always free on US domestic gym orders
  • Custom mounting hardware available upon request to (use subject line "Gym Order")

The Kuhlwhip was designed with two things in mind; lightweight handles and rope speed. The handles are made of a modeled plastic and then wrapped with a tacky grip to ensure they are easy to hold as you get tired. The lightweight model also allows you to jump for longer without the forearms getting tired like they would from big bulky handles. Our unique bearing system ensures the rope can withstand any speed the jumper desires.

We couldn't stand the fact that none of our competitors gave customers the option to purchase the rope uncut, OR purchase it cut to a specific length based off of their height. We changed that. You can select your height or request that the rope be uncut when we ship it to you!