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Simple Sizing Guide



Measuring Cable Length:

  1. Standard Calculation: The length of each cable (eye to eye) is determined by adding 3 feet to your height, then adding 1.5 inches. For example, someone who is 6 feet tall would require a rope length of 9 feet 1.5 inches.

  2. Routing the Cable: Thread the rope through the handle eyes. The measured distance between the eyes should align with the calculated length (e.g., 9 feet for the aforementioned example). Note that each loop through the handle consumes approximately 0.75 inches of cable length.


  • Adjusting Length: Modifying the length by up to 2 inches above or below your calculated height is acceptable. However, keep in mind:
    • Longer Rope: Reduces efficiency and might hinder proper technique.
    • Shorter Rope: Enhances efficiency but requires greater precision.
  • Recommendation for Beginners: It's advisable for beginners to initially order a cable length aligned with their actual height.

Further Assistance:

If you're uncertain about sizing or need additional guidance, please reach out to us at

     Alternate Assembly and Sizing (No measuring):

    1. Handle Assembly: Attach the cable to the handles. Place one foot on the center of the wire rope.

    2. Height Comparison: Hold the handles together at the butt end. Position them against your torso and compare the handle's butt end to the top of your shoulder.

    3. Adjustment Guidelines:

      • Speed vs. Forgiveness: For a faster but less forgiving experience, ensure the handles drop below the top of your shoulder.
      • Speed Control for Beginners: To have a slower and more responsive experience (especially suitable for beginners), position the handles higher than the top of your shoulders.
      • Adjustment Range: Aim to stay within a 2-inch range in either direction for optimal performance.