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Rope Care

Maximize cable life and prevent your gym bag from looking like leftover spaghetti.

Steel cables are great for jump ropes, if they aren't abused. Here are two of the most common issues we see with cable.

Rough Surfaces

 Using any cable on hard abrasive surfaces such as asphalt or concrete is very hard on the cables. We recommend using horse stall mats, yoga mats, or gym floors to maximize life. Of course you can still use it on hard surfaces, but the cable life will be limited. We do sell replacement cable if you need it.

Kinks in Cable

If a cable is wrapped tightly or if it is kinked, you will not get the full potential of any jump rope. Our goal is to educate people on how to properly store your jump rope. This ensures the longest life and ideal functionality. Here is how we recommend storing in our bags, or any bag for any rope.


 Proper Coiling/Storage Technique (Technique always matters!)



1) Start by holding both handles as shown, letting the cable relax and touch the floor. Then place one of the handles on the floor.



2) Hold one of the handles upside down as shown below. Lightly grab the cable about 12-16 inches down from the handle you are holding.



3) Bring the cable towards the handle you are holding. The cable will naturally coil itself into a loop. Add that loop to your other hand.



4) Repeat step 3 as needed until you reach the handle you placed on the floor. (Do not wrap the cable tightly, it must be loose!)



5) Lightly squeeze the coil to place rope into the bag. Release your hand and the cable to go back to its relaxed coil.

 "THANKS" - your cable