Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green
Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green
Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green
Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green
Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green

Kuhlwhip Speed Rope- X Grip Green

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The Kuhlwhip was designed with two things in mind; speed and efficiency. The handles are made of a modeled plastic and then wrapped with a tacky cross hatched grip to ensure they are easy to hold as you get tired. The lightweight model also allows you to jump for longer without the forearms getting tired like they would from big bulky handles. Our unique bearing system ensures the rope can withstand any speed the jumper desires. The cable is a standard black that is extremely flexible to limit the crimping that happens far too often. Each rope also comes with its own carrying bag!

Please note that the laser engraved logo will not be present on the black or green grips. 


When trying to determine rope length, we try to make it as convenient as possible. Unless you purchase an uncut version, your new Kuhlwhip is ready to go out of the bag! If you want to understand more about it. This is our process...

  • All sizes are based off your height
  • The length (from eye to eye) of each cable is always 3 feet added on to your height
    • example 6'0" will have 9' of rope
    • If you want something a little longer or shorter, it would be acceptable to go 2 inches above or below your height
      • As always, if you aren't sure. Please contact us here: info@kuhlwhip.com
  • If you are unhappy with your size we ask you to do 2 things
  1. Try it for a few times. Frequently, we see people using incorrect sizes that they are "use to". With some practice, you can shake those bad habits. Remember to keep those elbows inside!
  2. If you are still not satisfied with your size, please contact us and we will work something out with you. We are here to serve our customers. info@kuhlwhip.com


We also offer an uncut version. This rope comes with one side crimped from the factory and 10' of cable. All you need is a hammer to close the un-crimped end at whichever height you want. 

Again, the most common accepted size 3 feet above an individuals height. Remember..Measure twice, cut once! 

We also offer replacement cable if you need it!